Monocouche Render


weberpral monocouche renders are single coat coloured renders which offer a weather resistant, low maintenance and highly durable finish suitable for most types of brick or blockwork.

  • Colour & Texture: A wide range of colours, textures and finishes allows you to create a look that’s unique to your project.
  • Fast Track Construction: The use of advanced technology enables our weberpral monocouche renders to be applied in one application. In addition, weberpral renders can be applied onto brick or blockwork by machine creating even faster application.
  • Low Maintenance: Monocouche renders are coloured in nature and therefore do not require further decoration. Should the need arise the render can be easily cleaned with a render cleaner.

Learn more about our weberpral monocouche renders:

  • weberpral M is available in England, Scotland and Wales, and is available in a wide range of 24 colours.
  • weberpral D is available in Ireland, and has a range of 12 popular colours.
  • weberpral MF is a fine textured monocouche render available in England, Scotland and Wales.
  • weberend one coat dash is a one coat render that can receive a dry dash (pebble dash) finish without the need for a second coat.

All of our weberpral monocouche renders are A+ Green Guide rated, BBA or NSAI Certified, and weather-resistant to combat the build up of algae.

Base Coat Render


weberend OCR is a proprietary render based on Portland cement, lime and sand. Supplied as pre-blended dry powders, weberend OCR only needs mixing with clean water to provide a comprehensive range of renders which comply with the mix designations and specifications of BS 5262 and BS EN 13914.

  • → Provided an appearance of a traditional cement and sand render but in significantly less time.
  • → Excellent weather resistance quality and durability, whilst allowing the structure to breathe.
  • → Factory controlled production to give a consistently high quality product.
  • → Non-combustible (Class 0 fire rating when applied to non-combustible substrates).

Learn more about weberend OCR here.